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What was the first radio made out of?

Transmitter: a high voltage spark transmitter that emitted wideband radio noise. It was only useful for Morse Code telegraph messages. Receiver: detected pulses of radio signal using a device called a coherer, a glass tube full of iron filings that… Full Answer

What has the author David O Cooney written?

David O. Cooney has written: 'Activated charcoal in medical applications' -- subject(s): Activated Carbon, Carbon, Activated, Charcoal, Drug therapy, Pharmacology, Poisoning, Therapeutic use, Treatment 'Purification of wilderness waters' 'Activated charcoal' -- subject(s): Activated Carbon, Adsorption, Antidotes, Carbon, Activated, Therapeutic use

Do 2006 VW Jetta have a IMMobilizer?

Yes the 2006 Jetta has an immobilizer, there is a chip in the key fob which is activated by radio signals when inserted in ignition. It can cause grief when the key is not read properly ,your car will start… Full Answer