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List of industrial areas in Bangalore?

Some industrial areas in Bagalore are: Peenya Industrial Area White field industrial area Sadaramanga Industrial AreaBommasandra Industrial Area Doodannakundi Industrial Area Kadugodi Industrial Area Abbigere Industrial Area SSI Industrial Area, Rajaji Nagar Koramangala Industrial Area EPIP Industrial Area DDK Industrial… Full Answer

Who was the first Indian governor general of independent India?

Chakeravarthi Rajagopalachari was the first Indian governor general of independent India. Governors-General of India, 1947-1950 NameBeganEnded Dr. Rajagopalachari remained India's Governor-General until the Constitution was approved and came into existence on… Full Answer

Write a program that accept a sentence and print all the words starting with vowels?

import*; class test { public static void main()throws IOException { String s,p=""; char ch; BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; int i,c=0; //input statement System.out.println("Enter any string"); s=br.readLine(); s=s+" "; for(i=0;i<s.length();i++) { ch=s.charAt(i); if(ch!=' ') { p=p+ch; } else { if(p.startsWith("a")p.startsWith("e")p.startsWith("i")p.startsWith("o")p.startsWith("u"))… Full Answer