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How does Ramadan Starts?

Ramadan goes by the moons calendar Ramadan is a moth of Muslim calander it comes after shabaan Ramadan starts with moon and the first Ramadan Muslims kept their fast

What is mean by mubarak Ramadan?

When people say Ramadan mubarak or mubarak Ramadan it basically means "happy ramadan" so you just say back to them Khair mubarak and ramadan mubarak to you too.

Where do Muslim's have Ramadan?

Muslims can perform Ramadan anywhere, Ramadan is just the name of the month in which Siyam (fasting during Ramadan, and the fourth Pillar of Islam) is practiced.

Who founded Ramadan?

nobody found Ramadan. Muslims have five important duties one of them is Ramadan and its is metioned in the holy Quran