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What was the palestien?

Its Palestine. Palestine is a country for muslims. Its a shape of Illinois if you look carefully. Palestine has both Jews and Muslims. One of there city is Ramallah. Really beautiful. Ramallah has lots of shops, doctors, and more. Palestine… Full Answer

Can Jews visit Ramallah?

of course... jews can visit ramallah, there are jews who live in ramallah side by side with muslim and christian and other jew palestinians also there are israeli activists who come to ramallah as long as you are respectful and… Full Answer

Is Palestinia the capital of Israel?

No. There is no place or city called "Palestinia". Palestine is the name of the country claimed by Arabs on parts of the former Mandate for Palestine in contention or alongside the Jewish State of Israel. The capital of Israel… Full Answer

What is the nearest foreign capital to israel?

Amman, Jordan; Damascus, Syria; and Beirut, Lebanon are roughly equidistant from the Israeli border (not including the Golan Heights or the West Bank). If you were to consider Palestine's de facto capital in Ramallah, this would be the closest foreign… Full Answer

What are some funny card sayings?

Here are some funny sayings, simply because they are so random: 1. The sacred grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi, once again formatting the prompt for the childrens club of America and/or Ramallah, Isreal 2. Call 1-800GetHelp today - No longer will you… Full Answer