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Who are the important leaders of Hinduism?

Leaving out the mythological figures, the important teachers (Acharyas) of Hinduism are Sankara, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Madhva, Vallabha, Chaitanya, Gorakhnath, etc. There have been great devotees in all regions, they are also important, Meera, Tulsi, Surdas, Tukaram, Gnaneshwar, Eknath, Samarth Guru… Full Answer

Surya balija caste origin?

In vedas upanishads there is no system like caste.all were united to protect from cruel animals and nature disorders .only latter p eriod only foreigners inculcated deep caste system to divide indians .great sages sankara ,ramanuja ,madwa acharya converted or… Full Answer

What are teachings of Saint Ramanuja?

A very difficuly question, here is a very short introduction. Extensive reading is required to understand this fully. He explained the Vishta-Advita (Qualified Advaita) philosophy of Hinduism and the "Sri-Vaishnavite" world view. His primary teachings are as below : 1)… Full Answer

What is gomadam in koundinya gotra?

Gomadam is a Vaishnavaite Acharya Lineage and are one of the 74 Simhasanathipathis nominated by Sri Swamy Ramanujar to propagate Sri Vaishnava Vishistadvaita Sidhdhanta. The descendants of this lineage belong to Koundinya Gotra. And many of them are highly reverred… Full Answer

What is a Sampradaya?

A Sampradaya is the name given to a Spiritual succession or lineage within a particular Hindu denomination. To receive initiation (Diksha) into a Parampara or Guru lineage allows one to be officially made a member of that Sampradaya to which… Full Answer

Who are some famous Hindu people?

Below listed are prominent and famous Hindus: Abhinavagupta: Exponent of Kashmir Saivism Agastyar: Saint, First and foremost person of Siddha Aksapada Gautama: author of Nyaya Sutras, the foundation of the Nyaya school of Hinduism Annie Besant: Theosophist and president of… Full Answer

What does Haritasa stand for in Haritasa Gothra?

This is Shreeram Balijepalli answering your question.My Gothra(patrilineal) is also Harithasa.(harithA is the gothrA name and harithasyA--of or belonging to harithA became as harithasya which later corrupted colloquially as harithasa). While performing religious rites, it is practice to define ones… Full Answer

Vijayanagar empire - administration?

Administration of the Vijaya Nagar empire Vijaya Nagar empire was ruled by the emperors belonging to four dynasties namely Sangama, Saluva. Thuluva and Araveedu dynasties. King was the supreme authority in civil, military and judicial matters. There was an imperial… Full Answer