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Who was ameila earharts husband?

George Palmer Putnam, which is pronounced- PUTT-nam not like Put-down. The film is fairly accurate. ( Amelia) Not mentioned is the fact they were divorced at the time of Amelia"s disappearance, though George may have been trying to work out… Full Answer

What are some songs with an alienation theme?

It"s a common one in Rock. Don"t think twice, it"s all right, by Bob Dylan and some other artists ( deliberate rejection of ex-lover, yet strangely wishes for rapprochement). Those Were the Days- nostalgia coupled with the impact of A… Full Answer

Why do some Jews hate Mel Gibson?

Jews hate Mel Gibson because he is an Anti-Semite. Mel Gibson is not as open about his Anti-Semitism as his father was, but he still harbors those sentiments. According to director Eszterhas, Mel Gibson engaged in acts of Holocaust Denial… Full Answer

Who is el cid compeador?

EL CID CAMPEADOR is Rodrigo diaz de vivar, made famous through the anonymous work 'poema de mio cid' which recounts his military campaigns in exile. Rodrigo was a stauch supporter of King Sancho, who fought against his brother Alfonso for… Full Answer

Does Argentina bored Brazil?

Argentina, to become independent, it was a relatively empty country, concentrated in livestock and grain production. Brazil has to be free while maintaining its agricultural vocation, with populations concentrated in the northeast and southeast. Soon after the independence of Brazil… Full Answer

What is James Monroe's domestic policy?

In an administration committed to limited government, domestic policies received less attention. Monroe's most positive program was the construction of a network of coastal fortifications to guard against future invasions. Although extensive construction was begun, the program was drastically reduced… Full Answer

What are 13 letter words that end with the letter t?

abortifacient, accompaniment, acupuncturist, admeasurement, advertisement, advertizement, agriculturist, annexationist, anticoagulant, anticommunist, antidesiccant, antiformalist, antimechanist, antimodernist, antisocialist, antiterrorist, apportionment, aquaculturist, archaeologist, ascertainment, bamboozlement, beleaguerment, blepharoplast, calligraphist, campanologist, catastrophist, caulifloweret, ceremonialist, chiaroscurist, cinquecentist, circumambient, clavichordist, climatologist, cobelligerent, commercialist, comparativist, conceptualist, containerport, contortionist, contrabandist… Full Answer