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Is there going to be rhythm heaven 2?

It actually is #2, the first was a Japan-only GBA game called "Rhythm Tengoku." But I do hope there will be a sequel. There actually is going to be a rhythm heaven 2, but it will be for the wii

What is an off beat rythum?

If the rhythm is '1 2 3 4', an onbeat rhythm will have the accent on '1 2 3 4'. However, in music there is '1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &', the &'s represent upbeats, where they are… Full Answer

What happens when 2 nonmetals react?

when 2 nonmetals react, both the nonmetals expect one or the other to give them an electron. So, when they react, they both share the electron.

What number of pickups is best?

The number of pickups depends on what sound the player likes. For playing jazz, I like 2 double pickups. My rhythm guitar has 2 singles, but 1 single would be fine for me in rhythm playing.