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What are the sound file format?

Here are the first one hundred eleven (111): AAC AAC_MP2, Advanced Audio Coding, MPEG-2 AAC_ADIF, Advanced Audio Coding, MPEG-2, Audio Data Interchange Format AAC_MP4, Advanced Audio Coding, MPEG-4 AAC_MP4_LC, AAC (MPEG-4) Low Complexity Object MP4_FF_2_AAC, MPEG-4 File Format, V.2, with… Full Answer

What is a data encoder?

1. <algorithm, hardware> Any program, circuit or algorithm which encodes. Example usages: "MPEG encoder", "NTSC encoder", "RealAudio encoder". 2. <hardware> A sensor or transducer for converting rotary motion or position to a series of electronic pulses. An encoder is a… Full Answer

What does NASDAQ tell you?

# How do I best use this site? The NASDAQ site is optimized for viewing with Netscape's Navigator 6.2 and higher, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher, and AOL 6.0 and higher browsers. In some areas of the site, we… Full Answer

Describing the steps involved in downloading files and programs from the Internet Include a personal experience in which you have downloaded freeware shareware or licensed software What are the ad?

Downloading and installing software from the Internet is a breeze if you know the basic steps involved. Because of the number of operating systems, audio players, browsers, and versions thereof, it is impossible for us to give specific step-by-step instructions… Full Answer