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Where can you buy duff beer?

Duff Beer is available in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a bar in Recoleta that is very near the big movie theatre by el cementario. This is all by the intersection of Avenida Pueyrredon and Avenida Las Heras. I drank this… Full Answer

What are 2 important people in Argentina?

Che Guevara (Marxist leader who worked closely with the Castro brothers) and Eva PerĂ³n (Populist leader also known as Evita) have had a significant impact on Argentine history. In the Casa Rosada in the Hall of Independence, there is a… Full Answer

Where do tourists go in Argentina?

Hikers will go to Volcan Lanin, an ancient volcano to hike. Some will want to see Quebrada de Cafayate which is a beautiful canyon. Some will go to Recoleta Cemetery to see where the famous people of Argentina are buried… Full Answer