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Can angelfish live with catfish?

It depends on the catfish. if it is a small catfish ( 1-5 inches) sometimes the angelfish will try to eat it. if it is a medium sized catfish (6-9inches) you will be fine. BUT if you get a large… Full Answer

Where is palm tree lagoon in Asia?

Palm Tree Lagoon Fishery and Restaurant is located in Ratchaburi Thailand It holds some of the biggest freshwater fish ever caught in Thailand, many over the existing IGFA records. Including: Chao Phraya Catfish to 96kg, Mekong Catfish to 120kg+, Redtail… Full Answer

What do redtail catfish eat?

Red Tail catfish will eat anything that it thinks is meaty. If you own a Red Tail Catfish, return it to the place you purchased it and demand your money back. Red Tail catfish can grow to over 4 feet… Full Answer

Are catfish salt water fish?

Not entirely.Most catfish species are freshwater. Though some catfish, like Hardhead catfish are saltwater catfish. Some catfish species can live in both fresh and salt water. Full Answer