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What is a teseract?

In four dimensional geometry, the tesseract, also called an 8-cell or regular octachoron, is the four-dimensional analog of the cube, which is in turn the three dimensional analog of the square. The tesseract is to the cube as the cube… Full Answer

What is an associahedron?

An associahedron is a convex polytope in which each vertex corresponds to a way of correctly inserting opening and closing parentheses in a word of n letters and the edges correspond to a single application of the associativity rule. Full Answer

What is a dual?

A dual is almost like the opposite of a given polytope. For example, a regular octahedron is the dual of a cube.Look at the similarities between duals with the example of a cube and regular octahedron:Cube:Vertices: 8Edges: 12Faces: 6Edges per… Full Answer

What is a term for a hyper cube?

A hypercube, a generalization of the cube to more than three dimensions, is called a "n-cube" or "measure polytope". The tesseract is the four-dimensional version most often seen depicted, which seems to be (in two dimensions) a box hanging inside… Full Answer

What is a cell in math?

I looked it up I hope it's right.In polytopesA cell is a three-dimensional polyhedron element that is part of the boundary of a higher-dimensional polytope, such as a polychoron (4-polytope) or honeycomb (3-space tessellation)For example, a cubic honeycomb is made… Full Answer

Is regular a verb?

Regular is an adjective, as in to put something in its regular place. Regular in a noun, as in the restaurant can always find a table for a regular customer. Full Answer

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