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Top religion in the world?

Religion is a matter of faith and belief. The religion that you believe in is your top religion. If you convert to another religion, you consider your new religion is the top. Myself, as Muslim, I consider my religion (Islam)… Full Answer

What is right to Freedom of religion?

Right to freedom of religion is that one is not bound by any kind of religion - he can follow any religion of his choice, even multiple religions, and change his religion whenever he wants, at his will. It also… Full Answer

What is the object of religion?

to find out where you go after life. ___________ It is useful to make a distinction between pure religion and organized religion. The Greek scripture defines religion, and organized religion has nothing to do with the definition. This itself does… Full Answer

Is ''Jew'' a religion?

A Jew is a person. Judaism is a religion. A Jew is a person of the religion of Judaism (the Jewish religion).See also the Related Link. What is Judaism Full Answer