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What is Irish jewelry?

Irish Jewelry has long been steeped in cultural tradition and Celtic symbolism. It dates back to the ancient Celts. Brilliant metalwork examples have been discovered dating back to 2000 B.C and the 500 A.D. The rich tradition and symbolism of… Full Answer

How many octaves can be played on a harp?

A concert pedal harp typically has six and a half octaves. This is a very large harp, and most other types of harps have a much smaller range. Typical folk, Celtic or medieval harps range from two to six octaves… Full Answer

How many strings does a Irish harp have?

The Irish harp has 47 strings. Count them if you don't believe me! Answer: I did and I don't. The most famous Irish harp, the medieval Trinity College Harp, which is the national symbol of Ireland, has 29 strings. Celtic… Full Answer

How heavy is a lever harp?

Lever harps vary quite a lot in size. There is no fixed number of strings, and there is not even a single design. I have searched out a number of Celtic harps, and find the weights vary from about 12… Full Answer