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Who all is in 1017 brick squad?

Gucci Mane(Founder & Ceo of 1017 Brick Squad) OJ Da Juiceman(1017 Brick Squad) Frenchie(1017 Brick Squad) Waka Flocka(Brick Squad Monopoly/1017 Brick Squad) Kayo Redd(Brick Squad Monopoly/1017 Brick Squad) Wooh Da Kid(Brick Squad Monopoly/1017 Brick Squad) Ice Burgandy(Brick Squad Monopoly/1017 Brick… Full Answer

How many artist does brick squad have?

Below is a list of all the rappers & producers signed to Brick Squad Monopoly & 1017 Brick Squad Records............................. Gucci Mane(1017 Brick Squad Records) Oj Da Juiceman(1017 Brick Squad Records) Zaytoven(1017 Brick Squad Records) Waka Flocka(Brick Squad Monopoly Records/1017… Full Answer

How much is brick face?

Depending upon what size of brick you order and the quantity, brick can be as cheap as $1.00 or less for lower grade brick and up to $20 or more for special shapes. Visit one of the top 5 brick… Full Answer