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Where did risotto come from?

Risotto is dished cooked with rice from Italy. Risotto can be cooked using many different ingredients, but it is still considered to be a rice dish.

What is plural for risotto?

it is an Italian rice dish ================ The plural of risotto is risottos, as in they ordered four risottos and one cannelloni

What is a good vegetarian risotto recipe?

I would recommend trying a mushroom risotto recipe, it is filling, full of all of the essential fats, protien and the caloric count is not that bad (around 500 for one serving). I love mushroom risotto, its orginal and there… Full Answer

Who invented risotto?

It is believed that Valerius who was a well-known glass-maker invented risotto in 1574. He was from Milan, Italy and was experimenting with various rices.

What is risotto?

Risotto is a type rice that originated in Italy. The rice is sautéed with oil or butter, and then has some sort of stock like chicken added to it.

What nutrients are there in risotto?

There are tens of different combinations (at least), for risotto ingredients. You'd have to be more specific. Is its broth meat-based? Are there vegetables or cheese present? Etc.

What is the plural of risotto?

risotto (plural risottos) (countable) An Italian savoury dish made with rice and other ingredients. I'll order us a couple of risottos. Risottos