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How do you spell rite?

There are homophones (sound-alike words): rite (noun) - a ritual or ceremony write (verb) - to inscribe right (noun, adjective) - a prerogative, correct, or the opposite of left wright (noun, archaic) - a builder or repairer, e.g. wheelwright, shipwright Full Answer

What is the Wiccan Great Rite?

The great rite is ritualistic sexual intercourse. It can be performed either symbolically, or in reality. In the symbolic great rite, the High Priest will plunge the athame (a symbol of the male) into a wine filled cup or chalice… Full Answer

What is the porous of Circumcision?

circumcision is a Jewish religious rite that doctors generally advice against. It has no advantage to the person that has been mutilated in this way on the contrary there are serious health risks and disadvantages as a result of this… Full Answer

What is a witches meeting?

That is a very difficult question to answer, but here are a few (not all) answers. Collective nouns for witches: Coven, convocation, circle, heath, hearth, grove, or gathering. Other reasons why witches gather: celebration, rite, rite of passage, Sabbat, Esbat… Full Answer

What year was Easter made?

Easter goes back over a thousand years. It was celebrated by the pagan tribes as the rebirth of the world and the Catholic Church took the pagan ritual and turned into a religious rite for the church. Full Answer