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What rhymes with Jodie?

Roadie. Here are some :bodey, bodi, bodie, brody, coady, cody, jodi, jody, modi, mody, mowdy, oddi, prodi, prody, rhody, roadie, roady, rodi, rody, soady, zody All of these are real words. Full Answer

How do tourists get to Austria?

It depends on where you come from. You might get there by plane. There are more than 5 international airports in Austria. You might travel by train, bus or private car. The roady are very good here. You can also… Full Answer

Who are some heroes?

Abe Sapien (Dark Horse) Adam Williams (Marvel) The Ambiguously Gay Duo (Saturday Night Live) Animal Man (DC) Angel (Marvel) Ant-Man (Marvel) Apollo (Wildstorm) Aqualad (DC) Aquaman (DC) Artie, the Strongest Man in the World (The Adventures of Pete and Pete)… Full Answer