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What news network plays on CityTV?

Citytv is a group of television stations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg. Citytv is a branch of Rogers Broadcasting Limited which is owned by Rogers Communications Inc.

What was XO Communications formerly known as?

XO Communications is a company which owned by XO Holdings, Inc. XO Communications had several previous names. XO Communications was also known as Allegiance Telecom, Inc., Nextlink Communications, and Concentric Network Corporation.

Why you dont have goltv chanel any more?

If your Satellite/Cable provider includes GolTV in its line-up, you should have it. GolTV's affiliates are: * AT&T * Accelplus * Advanced Cable Communications * Arkwest Communications Inc * Atlantic Broadband Finance * Bresnan Communications * Cablevision Communications * Cavalier… Full Answer