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What does royal sun alliance do?

Royal Sun Alliance, or RSA, was formed as a merger of two insurance companies, Sun Alliance and Royal Insurance. They are a global insurance company that is based in London, England.

What products does Royal Sun Alliance insurance provide?

Royal Sun Alliance sells various types of insurance products. These include motor/ bike insurance, pet insurance along with home and contents insurance. The best prices can be obtained by going to and insurance broker or searching and online comparison site.

Is Royal Sun Alliance a reputable company?

Royal Sun Alliance headquartered in London has been in existence since 1710. There was an incident in 2002 involving mishandling of customer pensions, but it appears the company is indeed reputable other than that.

Does alliance insurance insure boats?

"Yes, the south Texas division of Alliance insurance offers recreation vehicle and boat insurance. You can contact an Agent for more information. The phone number is: Alliance Insurance Inc. Call an Agent 1-866-364-1461."

What is the goal of Sun Safety Alliance?

The Sun Safety Alliance creates national awareness of skin cancer in America and is dedicated to reducing the occurrence. Sun Safety Alliance has a concentrated focus on prevention, education, and awareness of skin cancer.