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How many species of staphylococcus are there?

There are 47 species of staphylococcus S. arlettae S. aureus S. auricularis S. capitis S. caprae S. carnosus S. chromogenes S. cohnii S. condimenti S. croceolyticus S. delphini S. devriesei S. epidermidis S. equorum S. felis S. fleurettii S. gallinarum… Full Answer

How many words can you make using accomplishments?

ACCOMPLISHMENTS a, as, at, ate, ace(s), ache(s), am, assent, aim(s), ale(s), ail(s), ape(s), accomplish(es), accomplishment(s), accent(s), ash(es), aisle, ailment(s), ample, amen(s), ant(s), come(s), com, cope(s), cone(s), con(s), coin(s), comment(s), coal, colt(s), cop(s), cot(s), coast, coat(s), comp(s), compile(s), complies, camp(s), cake… Full Answer

How many words in sportsmanship?

SPORTSMANSHIP a, aim(s), air(s), am, an, ant(s), amp, apart, apt, art(s), as, ash, at, ham(s), hash, harm(s), harp(s), harsh, hart(s), hasp(s), him, hip(s), his, hiss, hit(s), hop(s), host(s), hot(s), I, import(s), in, is, it, its, ma, man, map(s), mart(s), mash… Full Answer

60 grams equals how many ounces?

Convert ----- Dry -----teaspoon(s)tablespoon(s)ounce(s)cup(s)pound(s)gram(s)kilo(s)--- Liquid ---fluid ounce(s)cup(s)pint(s)quart(s)gallon(s)imperial gallon(s)'peck(s)bushel(s)liter(s)milliliter(s)- Temperature -FarenheitCelcius to ----- Dry -----teaspoon(s)tablespoon(s)ounce(s)cup(s)pound(s)gram(s)kilo(s)--- Liquid ---fluid ounce(s)cup(s)pint(s)quart(s)gallon(s)imperial gallon(s)peck(s)bushel(s)liter(s)milliliter(s)- Temperature -FarenheitCelcius = Full Answer

What words can you make with the letters procalgerste?

PROCALGERSTE The longest word is "reportage(s)." Other words include: apogee(s), apostle, caplet(s), captor(s), career(s), cargo(es), caroler (s), carpel(s), carper(s), carpet(s), carport(s), carrel(s), carrot(s), cartel(s), carter(s), caterer(s), celesta, cereal(s), claret(s), clearer, clearest, coarse(r), coaster, corral(s), correlate(s), corsage, cortege(s), crater(s), create(s), creator(s)… Full Answer

What words can be made from page tins?

PAGE TINS a, as, at, age(s), an, ate, ape(s), eat(s), east, get(s), gas, gap(s), gape(s), gasp, gain(s), gin(s), gate(s), i, in(s), its, it, nit(s), nip(s), nag(s), nite(s), net(s), nap(s), nape(s), page(s), pa(s), pat(s), pan(s), pate(s), pane(s), pin(s), pine(s), paint(s), pain(s)… Full Answer

How many words can be made from enthusiastic?

ENTHUSIASTIC a, as, at, an, ant(s), ante(s), ash,astute, ashes, act(s), aunt(s), ass, ate, antic(s), attic(s), antics, autistic, atheistic, atheist, ache(s), achiest, acute, acne, ace(s), cat(s), cast(s), caste(s), cause(s), cuss, case(s), chaste, chat(s), chute(s), cute, cutest, cut(s), cuties, cent(s), cite(s), cities… Full Answer

How many words are in the word Decorations?

DECORATIONS a, as, an, at, ate, astir, astride, ace(s), aced, ate, are, adore(s), ad(s), art(s), aid(s), aide(s), acid(s), aside, action(s), air(s), arc(s), arid, and, act(s), acted, actor(s), core(s), corn(s), coat(s), coast, code(s), con(s), cod(s), cone(s), coin(s), cat(s), crone(s), creation(s), cretin(s)… Full Answer

What words can be made by these letters bocohrugras?

BOCOHRUGRAS a, ab(s), abhor(s), ah, arbor(s), arc(s), arch, as, ash, bag(s), bar(s), bash, bog(s), boo, boor(s), borough(s), bough(s), bra(s), brag(s), brash, broach, brooch, brush, bug(s), bush, cab(s), car(s), cargo(s), carob, cash, char(s), chorus, chub(s), chug(s), cob(s), cobra(s), cog(s), coo(s), coon(s)… Full Answer

How many words can you make with microscope mania?

MICROSCOPE MANIA a, ace(s), acorn(s), acre(s), aim(s), air(s), an, ape(s), apse, arc(s), are, arise, arose, arm(s), as, asp, car(s), cairn, came, can(s), cane(s), carp(s), com, come(s), con(s), cone(s), cop(s), cope(s), coon(s) coop(s), copse, corn(s), corps, corpse, cram(s), crane(s), cream(s), crime(s)… Full Answer

Which countries held colonies in Africa?

Denmark (1650's-1850's) Netherlands (1650's-1800's) Belgium (1880's-1960's) United Kingdom (1660's-1980's) France (1620's-1970's) Germany (1680's-1910's) Italy (1880's-1960's) Portugal (1470's-1970's) Spain (1470's-1970's) Full Answer

How many words can you make from demonstrate?

DEMONSTRATE a, ad(s), am, amend(s), an, ant(s), ante(s), anted. ardent, are, arm(s), armed, art(s), as, at, ate, atom(s), aeon(s), aster, attend(s), dam(s), dame(s), damn(s), dare(s), darn(s), dart(s), date(s), dear(s), dearest, dean(s), deem(s), deer, demean(s), demon(s), demote(s), denote(s), desert, detest, do… Full Answer

How many words can be made with the letters etrthheblsmt?

The total is about 150 words. Some longer ones include: behest beret/s berth/s betel/s better/s ember/s ether/s helmet/s letter/s merest meter/s metre/s mettle/s rebel/s remelt/s retest settler shelter sherbet smelter street tester tether/s theme/s there/s therm/s three/s thresh treble/s tremble/s… Full Answer