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What does someone in military intelligence do?

there are MANY aspects to military intelligence. analysist of military information. maintain intelligence security for commands, installations and personnel. collect field intelligence through overt intelligence and through covert intelligence ( spying or securing information from foreign nationals recruited for intelligence… Full Answer

9 different intelligences by dr howard gardner?

1. Naturalist Intelligence ("Nature Smart") 2. Musical Intelligence ("Musical Smart") 3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number/Reasoning Smart) 4. Existential Intelligence 5. Interpersonal Intelligence (People Smart") 6. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence ("Body Smart") 7. Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart) 8. Intra-personal Intelligence (Self Smart") 9. Spatial… Full Answer

What is one type of intelligence?

1.)Naturalist intelligence ("NATURE SMART") 2.)Musical intelligence("MUSICAL SMART") 3.)Logical-Mathematical intelligences("NUMBER\REASONING SMART") 4.)Existential intelligence 5.)Interpersonal intelligence(PEOPLE SMART) 6.)Bodily-kinesthic intelligence(BODY SMART) 7.)Linguistic intelligence(WORLD SMART) 8.)intrapersonal intelligence(SELF SMART) 9.)Spatial intelligence (PICTURE SMART) BY:leoreelai manalili catayong........... tnx.. :) Full Answer