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What does spindletop mean?

If you had referred Spindle top as a noun then ,it is a salt dome oil field located in the southern portion of Beaumont, Texas in the United States. The Spindletop dome was derived from theLouann Salt evaporite layer of… Full Answer

Where is the Upheaval Dome located?

The Upheaval Dome is located in Canyonlands National Park. Canyonlands National Park is located in Utah. There is controversy over what exactly the Upheaval Dome is. Some experts say it is an impact crater, while others seem to think it… Full Answer

What is a dome?

A dome is a generally spherical, ovoid, or hemispherical shape, found in nature and also used in architecture. The basic characteristic is a three-dimensionally curved exterior, which may have a hollow interior. Examples of domes include various covered sports stadiums… Full Answer