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What are the names of the current national committees of AHIMA - the American Health Information Management Association?

Annual Convention Program, Exhibit Advisory, HIM Education Strategy Committee, The Nominating Committee, Professional Ethics Committee, Fellowship Review Committee, Virtual Lab Strategic Advisory Committee, A Community of Practice Advisory (CoP), Approval Committee for Certificate Programs, AHIMA Triumph Awards Committee. In 2012… Full Answer

What is the agenda for a committee meeting?

Call to order Review /Revision Previous minutes Feedback from Quality Council Department and Senior Management Review of agenda Reports of findings, observation and evaluation Action ,recommendation and follow up Adjournment

What does a nonprofit treasurer do?

The Treasurer usually chairs the Finance Committee, which works with the staff in the financial department, if there is one, to develop and review the financial reports, understand and monitor the books and prepare the annual budget. If there is… Full Answer

Who rates movies pg r etc?

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) authorizes their Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) committee to review and assign ratings on all movies released by major film companies in the US. The committee consists of 8 to 13 people, who… Full Answer