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How common in 1940 is typhoid fever?

That is a very intelligent question! Typhoid disappeared from all the developed countries by 1940 by improved sanitation and good personal hygiene. Incidentally they were all Christian countries. Typhoid was rampant in developing countries by that time. Full Answer

What continent is considered developing?

It is countries that are described as developing. South America, Africa, and Asia are mostly made up of developing countries. There are many island nations, as well as the countries of Central America, that are considered developing nations. Full Answer

What is deveolping nation?

A developing country is one in which the economics, infrastructure, and industry are still being built up. Generally these countries are behind the world curve as far as education, medicine, sanitation, food production, standard of living, and job creation. Full Answer

Why do you think infectious diseases typically kill more people in developing countries than they do in highly developed countries like the US?

There are a number of factors. First, developing countries tend to have lower-quality sanitation facilities, if there are any. This makes it easier for infections diseases to spread. Second, developing countries tend to have lower-quality medical facilities. This also facilitates… Full Answer