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What sanji mean?

Sanji is a fictional character's name in One Piece, an anime and manga series in Japan. Sanji first appears in Manga Chapter #43 and Anime Episode #20. Full Answer

Does zoro like sanji?

nope, but both care for one another, but they dont care for one another when; sanji attacks Zoro's enemies, Sanji dont agree with Zoro's motives; if zoro attacks a lady, if zoro atks sanji's enemies and if Zoro touches his… Full Answer

Who would win zoro vs sanji?

Zoro would win: // his bounty is higher then sanji // zoro uses swords and sanji only uses legs //zoro is more stronger then sanji Zoro is the same as luffy, luffy got bigger bounty because he want to fight… Full Answer

What does sanji mean?

The term Sanji is from a manga and anime series that features characters created by Eiichiro Oda. This is a one piece manga. There is a very extensive cast in this manga/anime. Full Answer