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Classification of programming language?

E Esoteric programming language Expression-oriented programming language F Fifth-generation programming language First-generation programming language Fourth-generation programming language Free-form language G Glue language H High-level programming language H cont. Hybrid programming language I Intermediate language Interpreted language L Line-oriented programming language… Full Answer

What is the Java platform?

Java platform is the name for a bundle of related programs from Oracle (originally Sun) that allow for developing and running software programs for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Java programming language is but one of many programming languages… Full Answer

What has the author Jake Commander written?

Jake Commander has written: 'Macintosh assembly language programming' -- subject(s): Assembler language (Computer program language), Macintosh (Computer), Programming 'Amiga assembly language programming' -- subject(s): Amiga (Computer), Assembler language (Computer program language), Programming