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Is work a scalar or vector?

Work is scalar Work W is both a scalar (F.D) and a vector (FxD), in short work is a Quaternion, W = [0,F][0,D]= [00 -F.D, 0D + F0 + FxD] = [-F.D, FxD] . Physics has yet to recognize that… Full Answer

How vector is scalar?

Vector is NOT a scalar. The two (vector and scalar) are different things. A vector is a quantity (measurement) in which a direction is important. A scalar is a quantity in which a direction is NOT important. Full Answer

Is radius a scalar?

Yes. A scalar is a physical quantity that does not depend on direction. For example, temperature is a scalar because it has no directional value. Velocity is not a scalar (it is a vector quantity) because it has direction. Full Answer