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What is Scouting?

There are a couple of definitions for Scouting.One definition is that scouting is to explore an area to obtain information, to make a search. Another definition is that scouting is the activities of various national and worldwide organizations for youth… Full Answer

How are scouting for girls?

Scouting For Girls are probably good, if you do mean "how" are they. They had their first Number 1 single a couple of months ago, along with a successful second album. Maybe you mean Who are Scouting For Girls? In… Full Answer

Were did scouting start?

Most would say that the start of scouting was in 1907 when Robert Baden-Powell held the first Scouting encampment at Brownsea Island in England. "BP" published "Scouting for Boys", the first hand book in 1908.