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What is j-rock?

J-Rock stands for Japanese rock. however J-rock is also hard rock punk rock, metal etc, but Japanese. there's also J-pop which is Japanese pop. You can also find things like K-pop/K-rock (Korean rock/pop), C-pop, C-rock (Chinese pop/rock) Etc. Full Answer

What kind of music do The Guess Who play?

The Guess Who are known to be a part of the Pop/Rock Genre. Over the years they transitioned multpile times through differnt types of Rock and Pop such as: Album Rock, Boogie Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, and AM Pop… Full Answer

Is 5 seconds of summer pop?

There are debates whether they are a pop band or rock band. But based on what the band themselves have said they want to bring a kind of rock into pop music. So i would say pop rock is what… Full Answer