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What is a Jewish haudalla candle?

after their saturday, shabbos they call it ,they light a candle which is called havdallah candle to let you know that shabbos is over you are allowed to go back to work because on shabbos they are not allowed to… Full Answer

What is motza'ei Shabbos?

The Jewish Sabbath ends on Saturday after it is dark enough for 3 stars to be seen by the eye (Note: others hold that sabbath ends 72 minutes after sundown). The time period after Sabbath ends is usually referred to… Full Answer

Do all Jewish faiths practice shabbos?

Well, we're supposed to -- "Remember the Sabbath day" is the only holy day that made it into the Ten Commandments, which makes it the most important holiday of all in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Ways of celebrating the Sabbath (Shabbos… Full Answer

What Judaism meals are there?

On the Sabbath, three meals are held: Friday night, Shabbos morning and afternoon. On festivals, two meals are held. It is also a custom to have a festive meal at a wedding, bar mitzva, pidyon (redemption of the firstborn), and… Full Answer