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What has the author Yonathan Shapiro written?

Yonathan Shapiro has written: 'La-shilton behartanu' 'LEADERSHIP OF THE AMERICAN ZIONIST ORGANIZATION, 1897-1930' -- subject(s): Zionism, Zionist Organization of America 'Hevrah bi-shevi ha-politikaim (Sifre daat zemanenu)' 'Leadership of the American Zionist Organisation, 1897-1930' -- subject(s): Zionism, Zionist Organization of America… Full Answer

Do chihuahua's shed a lot?

I just read up on this (since I'm considering getting a Chihuahua from the shelter)...they are "moderate shedders". The one I saw at the shelter (short hair, brownish orange color) was shedding excessively - a clump per stroke pretty much… Full Answer

What were the three types of spoils?

Depends on which type of spoils you are asking about: The three types of political spoils are favoritism (patronage), cronyism, and nepotism. In the Ancient World, the three types of spoils were spolia optima (first spoils) which were dedicated to… Full Answer