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How do you install vista sidebar?

vista sidebar usually comes with software. do a search on your computer for it first. if that doesn't work than go online and try for answer or you can s To access the Windows Sidebar go to Start, All… Full Answer

How does one use the Vista Sidebar?

The Vista Sidebar, which is displayed on the right of the screen is used to quickly perform common tasks. You can add additional gadgets to the Sidebar, customizing it so that it optimizes tasks and information flow.

How do you get the little sidebar?

To get the little sidebar, first decide if the sidebar is for the desktop or for a browser such as Firefox. If for Firefox, visit the add-on website on the Mozilla page and browse through the selection of sidebars available… Full Answer

How can you move the sidebar in mac?

Sidebar? Do you have the Dock on the side of the screen. You can change the location of the Dock from the Dock section of System Preferences or by Selecting Dock from the Apple menu (top left).

Why Windows 8 doesn't have a sidebar?

The computer operating system Windows 8 does have a sidebar, You can view it by rolling over the very far right of your screen. A black vertical bar will appear with four options.