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What are silver salts?

Examples: silver chloride, silver fluoride, silver iodide, silver bromide, silver astatide, silver sulfide, silver nitrate etc. For silver halogenides a method of preparation is the reaction between silver nitrate and a salt containing the halogen. Full Answer

Should you buy silver now or wait?

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Cities with silver in the name?

Butte-Silver Bow, Montana Little Silver, New Jersey Silver Bay, Minnesota Silver City, Iowa Silver City, Mississippi Silver City, New Mexico Silver Cliff, Colorado Silver Creek, Mississippi Silver Creek, Missouri Silver Creek, Nebraska Silver Creek, New York Silver Grove, Kentucky Silver… Full Answer

Is silver pure or alloy?

Silver is an elemental metal. This means unalloyed silver is pure, but most silver jewelry will alloy the silver with other metals (e.g. copper). Silver also oxidizes easily, producing silver sulfide and/or silver oxide surface films. Silver has two naturally… Full Answer