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What has the author John Heron written?

John Heron has written: 'Course for new teachers in general practice, January-June 1973' -- subject(s): Physicians (General practice), General practice, Education, Study and teaching, Family medicine 'Co-operative inquiry' -- subject(s): Research, Social sciences, Methodology, Participant observation, Group work in research…

Small group?

A pair or trio would be considered a small group. Also, a 'gaggle of friends' is another phrase that describes a small group.

What are the benefits of kinesthetic learning?

There are several benefits of using a kinesthetic learning method when teaching children. This type of learning helps children with their confidence levels when learning new concepts, it promotes group work and interaction, and helps them to better problem solve…

What are learning gaps?

A learning gap is the gap between what a child should know and what they have actually learned. Learning gaps are measured by the standards and teaching goals set for an age group or class compared to the students' performance.