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Is rvd on smoking pot?

that doesnt make sense! do you mean does rob van dam smoke weed? i have a feeling that he does not Yes RVD smokes pot lol. Anyone who follows him knows that. Hell anyone who follows wrestling may know that. Full Answer

Does seychelle gabriel smoke?

No way she is too awesome and pretty to smoke her hair is brown a lush her eyes represents her beauty she has a perfect body and a perfect face i am in love with her i can't think straight… Full Answer

What does crunkafied mean?

"CRUNK=CRAZY//DRUNK" MissGiggles19 ************************************************ To become crunk. ways to become cruck are as follows.... sniffing crack getting high on paint selling smoke bombs in school ect. Full Answer

About the black beauty?

Black beauty is such an obedient horse . He obeys his mother's advice not to bite or kick even in play . He is also a loyal horse as he follows his master's orders even though they force him to… Full Answer

What are beauties?

beauty is not only in face beauty has types like natural beauty artificial beauty heart beauty talking beauty from that we know that beauty is not only consider with face.... Full Answer

What is Kerastase Hair Care?

Kerastase hair care products are a professional line of hair care and styling products. Kerastase follows four guidelines; performance, beauty, expertise, and personalization to give you the best hair that you can possibly achieve. Full Answer

What does 'pulchritude incognita' mean?

The phrase 'pulchritude incognita' contains an error. Instead, 'pulchritude' should be written 'pulchritudo', as the subject of the sentence, in the nominative case. The correct phrase therefore is the following: 'pulchritudo incognita'. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'pulchritudo' means… Full Answer

Is sooyoung a natural beauty?

Nodoubts sooyoung is a natural beauty. Beauty varies from ages to ages. It only depends on the person that maintains their beauty in a way that to looks natural. Beauty is beauty it doesnot related with ages. Therefore all the… Full Answer