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Is the Labor Party in England Socialist?

Well, it depends what you mean. Many versions of Socialism, but it is Socialist. Labour Party's Socialist Ideologies are: Democratic Socialist, Social Democracy. Though Democratic Socialism is toned down a bit, there's a seperate party called the Socialist Labor Party… Full Answer

Is Netherlands socialist?

The current government of the Netherlands is comprised of the conservative liberal VVD and the Labour Party. Socialist or communist parties have been or are part of parliament, but have never been in government. Full Answer

What is the name of 3 political parties?

The main ones are Conservative (Tory), Labour (Socialist), and LibDem. But there are others such as UKIP (United Kingdon Independence Party), the Green Party, Communist, Democratic Unionist Party, British National Party, and some others. Full Answer

What was the CCF?

he Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) (French: Fédération du commonwealth coopératif, then Parti social démocratique du Canada) was a Canadian political party founded in 1932 in Calgary, Alberta, by a number of socialist, farm, co-operative and labour groups, and the League… Full Answer