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Is an eye a solid?

No. Basically it is a sack filled with a viscous liquid. Not even the lens of the eye is solid; it's another fluid filled sack. Full Answer

What is Solid Timber?

Solid timber is what you'd expect it to be - actual wood. When people say 'solid timber' they want to let you know that the piece of furniture is not made from veneered particle board/mdf etc which may look like… Full Answer

Who built the London's Eye?

It was built by Ben Dover who was the actual constructor and ordered all the parts of steel. the London eye weighs 1,700 tonnes of solid steel. Then the manager's of the London eye were Mr Hugh G Rexion and… Full Answer

How do you get XM8 in MGS4?

in act 2 when you meet drebin. at the power station. just after the cut scene quickly put on the solid eye in night vision if you like. on your left you'll notice some rebels. follow them keeping the solid… Full Answer

Is color a physical change?

Only if the color change is not permanent. Take Iodine for example (that's pronounced Eye-oh-deen), it is a solid metal that is grayish in color in its solid state, however in its gas state it's a purple or violet color… Full Answer

Why is the pupil a circle?

The pupil is a hole surrounded by the iris which is the colored part of your eye. The pupil gets bigger and smaller because the iris expands or contracts to let more or less light in so you can see… Full Answer

Is a heterogenous mixture a solution?

A solution is a solid (the solvent) dissolved in a liquid (the solute). A heterogeneous mixture is two substances in different states (i.e. a gas and a liquid) that are in the same space and are in contact with each… Full Answer