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What is soundscape?

soundscape is the sounds of the environment all around you. where ever you are there is a soundscape... whether it be in a classroom, at the seaside or in the forest. the sound scape is the sounds that make up… Full Answer

What is a soundscape in drama?

there are many types of soundscapes! It is one of the non realistic conventions in drama. Say, for example, in real life you wouldn't hear voices chanting through a room (this could be a type of soundscaping), this is what… Full Answer

What is amir Khan's entrance song?

Actually King khan has two Official songs 1. One is entitled as "Amir khan" 2011 Mr. Capone-E - Amir Khan" 2. Second one is entitled as "I'am King" 2010 Soundscape Music ft T.R.A.C. - I'm The King KING KHAN ALL… Full Answer

What makes ABBA's songs unique?

In his book ABBA-Just How DID They Do It?, Christopher Patrick, chronicles inthis armchair guide the musical soundscape of the famous group andgoes into the composition of ABBA's music. According to Patrick, he, over a four year period, dissected the… Full Answer

What techniques are used in drama?

DEMYSTIFYING DRAMA TECHNIQUES Many of the techniques used in drama sessions in schools developed out of rehearsal techniques in the theatre. They are called forms, strategies or conventions by some practitioners. Whilst some techniques will be more suitable than others… Full Answer