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How does mass effect gravitational force?

There is no such thing as gravitational force. Mass curves spacetime and stuff moves through spacetime in straight spacetime paths. The effect of this is what we call gravity. The more the mass the greater the curvature of spacetime.

What is the reason behind gravitation?

Based on Einstein's theory of relativity, spacetime is curved around massive objects, and gravity "acting" on objects is actually just the objects following this curve in spacetime. Gravity is not a force.

What is an Einstein rosen bridge?

An Einstein-Rosen bridge is a hypothetical shortcut through spacetime, also called a wormhole. A wormhole is like a sort of tunnel with two ends that reach separate points in spacetime.

What is spacetime?

Spacetime can be looked at as a "fabric" of space and time. It is composed of the 3-dimentional space we are familiar with and by time. Answer improved: Spacetime is composed of three vector space displacement dimensions (ix +jy +kz)… Full Answer

Does a black hole reflect light?

No, a black hole will not reflect light. A black hole has such high gravity that it bends spacetime into a "hole" that light cannot get out of. Any light energy that crosses the even horizon will follow the curve… Full Answer

How does a worm hole look like?

Wormhole is imagined as a tube or tunnel "short cut" between two distant position in SpaceTime or (more extreme) between two separate universes. I have provide a related link to a wormhole diagram web site to provide an abstraction of… Full Answer

How do you disable gravity?

yo holmes, you are currently warping spacetime by existing. This bend is what is creating the gravitational pull you are experiencing. Have you considered inverting your spacetime warpage? Try bending space the other way, and see what happens. Now you're… Full Answer