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Where can one find a recipe for Spanakopita?

One can find a recipe for Spanakopita from a variety of resources. These resources may include cookbooks, online cooking sites, and family members. Specialty Greek cookbooks are a particularly great source for finding this type of recipe. Full Answer

What is the definition of kopita?

It is in culinary terms a shortened version of the word Spanakopita- Which is a leek, garlic, baby spinach and feta cheese filled baked puff pastry triangle slathered with rich creamy delicious butter, salt and pepper crust sometimes topped with… Full Answer

A snack eaten in Greece?

In Ancient Greece the common snacks of the day were: olives goat cheese (known as "feta") figs honey cakes In Modern Day Greece common snacks vary greatly as influences from other cultures have had their impact. But as always there… Full Answer

What is a 11 letter s word?

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