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What types of of spiders are there?

Barn spider, black widow spider, brown spider, cellar spider, cobweb spider, comb- footed spider, crab spider, dock spider, fishing spider, funnel web spider, ghost spider, ground spider, jumping spider, lynx spider, nursery spider, orb web spider, pirate spider, sac spider… Full Answer

What is the common name for a spider monkey?

That is its common name. They are further described mostly by color and habitat. Red-faced spider monkey White-fronted spider monkey Brown spider monkey (aka Hybrid Spider Monkey) White-cheeked spider monkey Black-headed spider monkey Brown-headed spider monkey Ornate spider monkey (subspecies… Full Answer

Diferent types of spiders?

well there are over 3000 types of spiders but here are a few to get you started Web Weaving Spiders * Garden Spider * Water Spider * Cobweb Spider * Brown Recluse * Black Widow Spider * Funnel Weaver *… Full Answer

Is a spider a mammals?

No , spider is not a mammal . A spider is an arthropod . Spider is included in sub phylum Arachnida .

What is the spiderverse?

The spider-verse is about spider-man traveling through different parallel universes to stop the green goblin from collecting DNA from the other spider-men some spider-men names are spider-noir,spiderman 2099,ultimate spider-man, spider-ham, and finally spider-knight

How many types of spider men are there?

There are many different Spider-Men I knew as a kid, so here they are in their respective dimensions: The Amazing Spider-Man Secret War Spider-Man The Bombastic Bag Man Ben Reilly (his costume is a bit different from the Scarlet Spider… Full Answer