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What are a list of Good Spirits?

Eros- Spirit of Physical Love Spiro- Spirit of Spiritual love Hagnos- Spirit of Sexual Morality Eirene- Spirit of Peace Eleos- Spirit of Forgiveness & mercy Makario- Spirit of Happiness Elpis- Spirit of Hope Arete- Spirit of Virtues Cratos- Spirit of… Full Answer

Do you have a spirit?

Technically the spirit is something slightly different then a soul. Soul and spirit are technically the same thing but in my opinion there's a difference. Soul, is what gives you knowing consciousness and spirit is what gives you will power… Full Answer

Is mineral spirit the same as white spirit?

Actually yes - White spirit is also known as Stoddard Solvent or White Mineral Spirit or LAWS (low aromatic white spirit). The term Mineral Spirit is also sometimes used to describe Mineral Turpentine (Turpentine substitute) or HAWS (High Aromatic White… Full Answer