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When did Spiritism start?

By 'Spiritism' I presume you mean Spirituality. Spirituality has essentially been around since the first human tribes, generally considering the cosmos as the realm of the Gods. Obviously differing religious practices existed, but if your simply asking when it started… Full Answer

Why is witchcarft against The Bible?

Books, games, television shows, and movies that feature demons and witchcraft are more widespread than ever. The Bible, however, teaches that involvement with any form of the occult is actually spiritism. Spiritism is not innocent or harmless fun. It is… Full Answer

What are relegions in Brazil?

Most of the people in Brazil are Roman Catholics. 75% are Roman Catholics, 15% are Protestants, 7% are don't have any type of religion, 2% believe in another religion, and 1% Spiritism. Full Answer

Why do Jehovah's dislike paganism?

Paganism originates from ancient false religious practices, such as the ones Babylon used in their worship to false gods. Paganism incorporates idolatry (the worship of idols/fake deities) and spiritism. Spiritism involves all sorts of things like magic, satanic rituals, psychic… Full Answer

What has the author W R Harris written?

W. R. Harris has written: 'Essays in Occultism, Spiritism, and Demonology' -- subject(s): Occultism, Parapsychology, Psychical research 'The Catholic Church in the Niagara peninsula, 1626-1895' 'Essays in occultism, spiritism, and demonology' -- subject(s): Spiritualism, Occultism 'The cross-bearers of the Saguenay'… Full Answer

How old is spiritism?

Almost as old as mankind itself. Humans have had knowledge of the supernatural even as they made their homes in caves and drew pictures on their walls. The bible tells us that humans have an instinctive knowledge of God and… Full Answer