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How do you burn polish boots?

I presume you're asking about what's commonly known as spit shining. As a former cadet, I can tell you that the procedures you hear about lighting the polish on fire to liquefy it (to get lots of polish on in… Full Answer

How do you spit shine shoes?

In the military, we learned how to "spit" shine shoes, although we didn't use spit and they weren't shoes, but boots. You need: some black paste type show polish (for black, I've never tried other colors), a bit of fresh… Full Answer

How do you spit shine boots?

The stuff you will need to bull your boots are... A soft cloth,Kiwi Polish (Don't use the Parade Gloss because it is too greasy.)Hot Water,The best and most efficient way to spit-shine boots. You start with wrapping the cloth really… Full Answer

How do you make your parade shoes shiny?

This is how I've been doing my shoes and they come out looking pretty good. You will need: -A dust cloth (normal shoe cloth will do) -Normal BLACK shoe polish -Small quantity of water -Cotton pads, balls (or buds, but… Full Answer

Do iguanas spit?

Yes! I have seen them sneeze spit from their mouth but usually they will spit water from their nose it they get some in there. Full Answer

How do you shine a shoe?

One simple way is to spit on it and then rub it down with some towel. make sure though that firstly u put on a layer of shoe polish (i use kiwi parade gloss myself and it comes up a… Full Answer