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Are spruce fir moss spiders endangered?

Yes. The spruce-fir moss spiders are endangered. They have been declared endangered as of 1996. Mostly because they are endangered is because of the lack of the trees that they take shelter next to. It is also because of the… Full Answer

What is a type of conifer tree?

A conifer is any tree that bears needles and pine cones. Spruce, fir, and cedar are all families of conifers. Blue spruce, black hills spruce, douglas fir, nobel fir, redwwod cedar are all types of conifers. Full Answer

What is Spruce wood?

Spruce wood is the wood of the spruce tree of which there are a number of varieties, most of which come from North America. Spruce, pine and fir are all members of the pine family and are similar in that… Full Answer