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What is maccabi?

Hmmmmmm a writes down this types of stupid hmmmm Macacbi....a shot name or slang for a person...or someone who is just waistin time on this site,,,srsly get a

What do you think of my voice?

check my videos on youtube: i posted them 4 fun.I could do a lot better,but i didn't take things srsly,and the mic was bad... i could do a lot better if i took things srsly!

Is history important?

yes i dont think so. history is lame. i hate it. history should stay in the past where it belongs. like srsly. i hate it!

Do snakes eat corn?

Ya..................CORN SNAKES!!!!!!!!!! Haha but srsly they do ... They dont eat CORN! They eat small rodents whitch are ATTRACTED to corn fields, so the snake is attracted to them.

What are clouds used for?

very good -what are clouds used for? srsly? More like what are they to us? well through research we understand that they tell us what weather we'll be having in the days to come.

How many syllables does sneezed have?

dude srsly? its 2.. You don't know what the syllable for sneezed is but yet you can figure out how to use the internet? ACTUALLY, sneeze has 1 syllable. Don't insult others when you, yourself, have the wrong information.

In Shippuden how old is naruto?

HE IS 13 YEARS OLD!!!!! that is a lie!!!!! stop trying to fool people naruto is 15 in shippuden no he is like 17 months cause like hes penis is like really small in it like srsly

Can Cefuroxime hurt your dog?

Search it up lazy. JUST KIDDING. XD But srsly. You should NEVER give your pets any kind of medicine your not sure about. Contact your vet if you cant be 110% sure. But Cefuroxime is a big no-no for your… Full Answer