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What is steam accumulator?

A steam accumulator on some once through boilers, with no steam/water drum, is a device similar to a steam separator, which separates the steam and water before the steam is fed to the steam header. Full Answer

May steam be used for cooling?

Depends on the temperature of the thing you want to cool down. If it's warmer than the steam, then steam will cool it to the temperature of the steam. If it's already cooler than the steam, then steam can't cool… Full Answer

What is a steam id?

A Steam ID is your online network game name. to activate steam go to and download steam, and create an account. And, steam is a gaming thing where you download games and demos. Full Answer

What does saturated steam mean?

Saturated steam is steam that is created when water is heated and liquid water still remains. It is in contrast to superheated steam which is created when no liquid water remains. Superheated steam can reach much higher temperatures than saturated… Full Answer