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What is steampunk?

A genre of airships, gears, industries, and Victorian clothing. Musical artists that could be called SteamPunk include Abney Park, Emilie Autumn, Dr.Steel and Mister Joe Black. The term steampunk is associated with steam powered machinery rather than advanced technology. In… Full Answer

What is steampunk jewelry?

Jewelry styled after the steampunk culture. It's usually either Victorian themed, or mechanic themed. (The latter resembling the parts used in steam devices, such as gears, springs, coils and the like.) Full Answer

What is the definition of Steampunk?

Steampunk is a popular sub-genre of science fiction that focuses on alternate history, fashion, and technology. Steampunk fiction often takes place in the Victorian era, but includes anachronisms, such as ray guns and highly advanced machines; however, such items are… Full Answer