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Why is limestone used in steelmaking?

Limestone is used as a flux to assist the removal of impurities in the steel such as sulphur, phosporous etc. Mostly, limestone is converted (calicined) to burnt lime first in a kiln before being used for steelmaking. However smaller amounts… Full Answer

What is the cost of steel?

"Several banks have upgraded their steel price forecast recently to reflect the rising cost of steelmaking. Citibank expects hot-rolled coil (HRC) prices for 2008 to be at $700 per tonne, up 12.9 percent from a previous forecast." [issued on… Full Answer

From where do you get nitrogen gas?

From the air around us, since air is composed of 78.08% nitrogen. Nitrogen gas is an industrial gas produced by the fractional distillation of liquid air, or by mechanical means using gaseous air (i.e. pressurised reverse osmosis membrane or Pressure… Full Answer

Uses of pig iron?

Today, pig iron is typically poured directly out of the bottom of the blast furnace through a trough into a ladle car for transfer to the steel mill in mostly liquid form, referred to as hot metal. The hot metal… Full Answer

How much does 1 gram of argon cost?

Prices vary widely, but for small quantities $20 for 20 cubic feet is a good ball park. A TIG welder usually consumes 16-10 cubic feet of gas per hour but it is dependent on the region you seek for argon… Full Answer

What state has a steelmaking center?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was the steel capital of the US for many decades. US Steel still maintains its headquarters and a large presence there. Today, because of the better infrastructure for movement of raw materials, locations are more scattered. Other areas… Full Answer

What is cupola furnace?

In steelmaking, it is a vertical cylindrical furnace used for melting iron either for casting or for charging in other furnaces. RenĂ©-Antoine Ferchault de RĂ©aumur built the first cupola furnace on record, in France, about 1720. Cupola melting is still… Full Answer

Is Wales a healthy country?

It depends upon whether you are talking of the North or the South. North and Mid-Wales tends to be a lot healthier than the South, which was heavily exploited industrially and has left a lot of older people with industrial… Full Answer

What are the industrial uses of oxygen?

Oxygen is important for all combustion process, such as the burning of the hydrocarbon fuels (oil, coal, petrol, natural gas) which heat our homes and power our cars. Fires need O2 to burn, and removal of O2, by for example… Full Answer

What is steel made out of and why?

Steel is a metal alloy consisting of iron and carbon and is currently produced in commercial quantities through a process called basic oxygen steelmaking. The carbon content of steels usually varies between about 0.2% and a little over 2%. You've… Full Answer