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What has the author M M Rao written?

M. M. Rao has written: 'Stochastic processes and integration' -- subject(s): Stochastic processes, Stochastic integrals, Martingales (Mathematics) 'Probability theory with applications' -- subject(s): Probabilities 'Applications of Orlicz spaces' -- subject(s): Orlicz spaces 'Theory of Orlicz spaces' -- subject(s): Orlicz spaces… Full Answer

What has the author Aleksandr Alekseevich Borovkov written?

Aleksandr Alekseevich Borovkov has written: 'Ergodicity and stability of stochastic processes' -- subject(s): Ergodic theory, Stability, Stochastic processes 'Mathematical statistics' -- subject(s): Mathematical statistics 'Advances in Probability Theory' 'Probability theory' -- subject(s): Probabilities 'Veroyatnostnye protsessy v teorii massovogo obsluzhivaniya' 'Asymptotic… Full Answer

What is stochastic quantization?

We describe basic ideas of the stochastic quantization which was originally proposed by Parisi and Wu. We start from a brief survey of stochastic-dynamical approaches to quantum mechanics, as a historical background, in which one can observe important characteristics of… Full Answer

What has the author Werner Ebeling written?

Werner Ebeling has written: 'Physik der Evolutionsprozesse' -- subject(s): Biophysics, Evolution (Biology) 'Statistical thermodynamics and stochastic theory of nonequilibrium systems' -- subject(s): Statistical physics, Statistical thermodynamics, Stochastic processes, Thermodynamic equilibrium 'Physik der Selbstorganisation und Evolution' 'Thermophysical Properties of Hot Dence… Full Answer